Hannah does such a beautiful job and this place is an amazing deal quality work for a low price. My lashes came out beautifully and I am very picky and have been to a few places. Hannah made sure the lashes framed my eye properly and nothing was hanging down or out of place. Hannah is super sweet and I will be making my appointments with he r.

Update: always love my lashes by Hannah! Got wispy cat eye style and love it even more! Gorgeous and looks like the wispy lashes I used to wear before extensions!!

I've been coming here for a couple months now and I love my lashes every time. I just got my fill done by Hannah and my lashes look AMAZING

So happy I found a lash place that is consistently good. I've been been to Nancy 4 times and each time was able to go 3+ weeks until my fill. She's the best!

LOVE my lashes!

I had gone to a lash place in Arcadia but since moving to Anaheim, I was in search of a new lash artist. I'm glad I stumbled upon Elegant Lashes.

The only complaint that I have is that I scheduled with Julia but when I walked in Angela stated I was scheduled with her. Angela explained that Julia has been extremely ill and she has taken most of her clients. I understand S#!+ happens but I just wish I received some type of email,text, or call letting me know of the changes. Nonetheless, Angela was great. She understood how I wanted my lashes to look and did them in a timely manner. Thank you Angela

Mega volume set i loooove them this is after a night of sleep and just a brush through them. I cant remember exactly who did my lashes but she was amazing, deff took her time which i loved because it deff showed off. First time ever having my lashes done and am not disappointed. (Dont mind the red in my eye ya girl relaxing lmao) anyways dedf coming back in 2 weeks for a fill! The place is beautiful and it was literally so relaxing. Also loved that she had me show her what kind of eyelash look im going for so that i get what i want lol. Love it definitely coming back.

My girlfriend is obsess with beautiful lashes. She is a party goer and she always wants her lashes to look professional and unique. When she found Elegant Lashes by Katie, trust me that was a game changer for her. Prior to Elegant Lashes, she normally watched YouTube videos to help her to put her lashes on, which sometimes end up bad.

I travel a lot for my work, so her friend in California recommended this place and we visited it. Her lashes were done by Katie and trust me it was done well. She looked like a whole new person. My girlfriend absolutely loved it. I recommend this place if you are ever in California. Even when we are not in California, she can call the salon and they guide her on how to install the lashes.


I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks and wanted to test out how the lash extensions would look on me before I left. I was afraid of getting it done right before I left and then hating it.

I picked this place because it's near by and I saw pictures of how the lashes looked on Asian girls :). It's located in the Phenix Salon Suites. Turn right then left when you walk into the building.

The room is small but effective. There was another client next to me and we were separated by a curtain.

The process took about and an hour and it was painless. I was nervous but there was relaxing music playing so that helped.

Once Angela finished, I was completely floored by how natural the results looked. I'm a little sad because no I'm hooked. No more mascara for this girl. Look at how natural and beautiful these are!

Katie did a fantastic job with my eyelashes! I told her I was getting my eyelashes done for my wedding and she took the time to remove every single lash from my previous fill to start fresh. She took her time and had me look at one eye to verify that I liked it before she moved on to the next eye. She is the sweetest!

My mom was with Julie and as this was my mom's first time getting eyelash extensions, Julie made sure to make sure they looked natural. Overall I am very happy with both of them.

Ask for Katie and Julie on your next visit!

Update: Katie contacted me immediately and asked to fix my lashes. She was so kind and genuine, I've never experienced such great customer service! She squeezed me in last minute since I told her I was leaving for vacation. I explained to her that my previous lashes were great just not what I was looking for. An hour later, I woke up with the most beautiful lashes! Katie is a lifesaver and I'm so grateful! Thank you Katie I love them!

Reviewing after my second time here since I didn't want to base my review on one visit only. The first time I came, I was here for the new client fill as my go-to lashes place is farther from me now that I have moved and needed a closer place. I like the booking system since it's easy and online and shows you the available times for the technicians. For my first visit, I booked with Hanna for 6:15pm but wasn't serviced until 6:40pm and with Kim. I was confused, but just wanted my lashes done so I didn't bother. Luckily Kim did a great job as I was nervous since I was a client from my old place for a long time.

For my second visit today, I decided to give this place another chance since I was a bit upset from my first visit in regards to my appointment, but the location and lash work are great. I booked with Kim for 9:30am since I liked her work the first time I came, but was asked to come in at 10:20 instead - no biggie as I wasn't super busy in the morning anyway. I showed up at 10:15am and wasn't serviced until 10:30 and got a different technician, not Kim. I read the other reviews and I guess this is common where you end up getting somebody else and is never on time.

Anyway, my 2nd fill is pretty and I believe two different girls were working on me. I didn't mind as I just wanted my lashes to be done in a reasonable amount of time. I ended up loving my lashes as they are more wispy and will most likely stick to this style when I come back. I am sure all the ladies are great at their craft, but if there was a person I trust and I didn't get her, I would be pretty upset. Same thing goes for the appointment time - I would be upset too if I had somewhere to be at a specific time and I wasn't serviced for the time I booked. I am sure there will be a day where I will finally have a go-to tech since I am new at this establishment so I hope this practice can change. Other than that, they are doing great and I am glad there is a place near me for my lashes!