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Katie is the best on micro blading and putting eyelash extensions I just love her work I got my micro blading with her and my eyelashes they look fabulous I recommend her 100%

I had my lashes done with Katie over 3 weeks ago and finally had to go in for my fill this week which looks great btw. I was surprised how long the original set had lasted me without starting to look funky. The extensions didnt start to take its own direction and stayed in tact the whole time aside from my natural shedding. She is quick, efficient and really good at her job. My full natural set only took 1 hour and 15 mins and my fill out took 45 mins. It will take longer if you do a full volume set. But overall, I'm very happy with her work and will keep returning.

Got my lashes done yesterday and wow! Have never gotten my lashes done before but am so glad I went to her. I had heard some horror stories from friends before about different places with bad service and outrageous prices. Elegant Lashes by Katie has high quality service and reasonable prices. Definitely worth the time and money. I asked for a specific style and she did exactly what I wanted with consideration of how it would look with my eye shape. Love love love! Will be coming back!!

Just got my lashes done last night and I love them! I had to leave my previous stylist because she switched glues and I had no idea what I use to get before. Katie suggested a few lash styles for me and then we came to an agreement. She was done within an hour- result was a beautiful full set. In addition she cleaned up my eyebrows at no additional cost while I was waiting for my eyelashes to dry. Small but sweet gesture.

I will update in a few weeks to see how these babies hold.

Her location is new and very clean and cute. It's very small but perfect for lash session.

And side note unrelated to eyelashes: someone left a laptop there and she spent the entire day calling her precious customers trying to figure out whose it was. Since it is a little difficult to understand her, she asked me to some of her clients to ask. Really sweet to see she cares that much for her customers.

I had been going to a lash girl who's salon was over 45 minutes away from my house. After months of traveling, I had to make a switch. I am very picky with my eyelash extensions so naturally I did weeks worth of research before ultimately deciding on Elegant Lashes by Katie. She is extremely responsive and friendly over text message. When I went in for my first appointment, I was placed with her assistant and unfortunately my experience was less than stellar. Katie knew I was unhappy and assured me that she would personally fix my lashes and she would be the one doing them herself going forward. Customer service goes a long way with me so I decided to stay and allow Katie the opportunity to correct them. She did a great job and really is so sweet! Side note, her prices are very reasonable... another reason I will be sticking with her!

Had my lashes done by Katie for the first time today and they look great! I am new to the area and needed a new lash place. Happy I found her she is very nice does great work and it's located next to a Hobby Lobby so it's an added bonus! I definitely recommend this place.

Katie is AMAZING! She is so sweet and so good at achieving what you want! Highly recommend her to everyone. She's is my go to lash technician!

Katie is the sweetest thing! Just finished my second session of microblading, my brows look fantastic and healed super nicely. I was referred to Katie through someone at my work and I'm super happy I came to see her she's amazing and her prices are definitely accommodating :)

I finally gave in and opted to try lash extensions. I did some research and yelp reviewing. I ended up booking at Elegant Lashes. I had Hannah. She was careful, very detailed and sweet. She did a great job. My friend and daughter (who both get lashes) were very impressed with her work. I will see Hannah again. She was lovely.

Place was clean. Everyone I came into contact with in the Salon Suites was very helpful and nice as well.

WARNING: If you are claustrophobic in any way, stay away. They have 2 beds in a small room. I did not expect this and would not have chosen this place if I knew it. The beds are close enough to eachother that if I stretched my arm and the other customer stretched her arm out we would be holding hands or even elbows. hahaha sounds funny and might not be a big deal to many but it was to me. This was a deal breaker for me. I still went through with the appointment and dealt with being in the same room with another customer that I can potentially touch, but I will not be back. This is also a big deal to me because I like to relax and sometimes nap during my 1-2hr ehelash session but instead I was listening to the eyelash ladies softly talk to eachother as well as the other customer talk to her eyelash lady. This other customer was also done with her session before me and went through the whole process of paying and saying goodbye with me in the room. I also heard the next customer come in right after her and went theought the whole greeting process as well. I dont know about anyone else but that kind of situation makes me feel uncomfortable especially because my eyes are closed. The room also got really warm for more than half of the appointment (the AC kicked in after a while) and it was just another reason why i felt uncomfortable and couldnt relax.

4 Stars because none of the above has to do with her service. Katie was quick, really nice and dimmed the light for me when I told her it was too bright. My eyelashes came out okay even though I asked for "natural" style eyelashes and got "volume." They also seemed to be all the same length which now I know to ask for wispy/hybrid. Hybrid means some natural (individual) and some volume (grouped lashes). Wispy look means different lengths. This is now my favorite look. I am not sure if Katie has this option available but just an fyi for anyone thats first trying out lashes or doesnt know what any of that means. I didnt know any of this before. I'm now a little more picky about my eyelashes and what places have to offer and there are so many eyelash places out there now but of course a lot of places are pricier too. I asked Katie about my "non natural" eyelashes when she was done and she said next time we can do less volume.

Overall an okay experience but just not the place for me. Thank you Katie.