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I loved having my lashes when I did! Katie is amazing and she is so attentive & really wants you to love your lashes. They also do bomb lash lifts but I got hooked on extensions. Giving my lashes a break for a little bit but will be back so soon for a fresh set! If you have the chance definitely go here for your lash needs :)

My lashes look AMAZINGGGG. truly amazing, they're not falling out or getting all tangled... im obsessed. Never going anywhere else!

It took me a long time to find this place - after so much online research I finally decided to stop by elegant lashes by Katie and I was not disappointed. The entire staff were so helpful and quick to assist me with what I had needed since Katie was preoccupied so I felt very much at home and satisfied with everything done with my eye lash needs.

l just finished up a refill with Katie herself and Iet me tell you I look like 100% that bitch LOL thank you so much Katie you are the best. My lashes are fuller in length, and look wispy and natural I fell asleep on the table but that woman is a natural! Thanks so much!!

Julia did an amazing job! I'm very happy with my eyelashes.

I originally wanted bare minimum natural eyelashes since it was my first time. However, I am glad Julia insisted I try the natural volume look. She's right and knows what will look best for the client based on eye shape and eyelash request.

I am adding an update to my review after having an appointment with Alan. I found him to be really attentive and requesting honest feedback. He aims to please, and I am very satisfied with his work. I am happy to get my eyelashes done by Alan again!

By the way, the new studio is gorgeous and so relaxing. Thank you!

I've been going here for over a year and have never left unsatisfied. HANNAH is the best! Her work is exceptional, very patient, and the sweetest. Ask for Hannah If you want beautiful lashes every time, you won't regret it. They also just got a new place in Tustin, very cute and everyone is very professional, go check it out!

So Katie directly reached out to me two days ago to follow up on my experience I had last week. She was apologetic and was genuinely concerned about my situation. She offered to provide me full service free of charge. I wasn't looking for a refund or free service, but I really did appreciate the gesture because not a lot of businesses go that extra mile to make their clients happy. So, after making the appointment for today( I forgot it was Labor Day), I had gone to meet Katie to redo my lashes.

During the actual session, Katie was soooooooo thorough and gentle with my eyes. She carefully removed all of the lashes and cleansed my eyes carefully before reattaching new ones. She did them so well I actually fell asleep!!! That never happens. Katie is so skilled and efficient, I couldn't be happier with the final result! She literally gave me the lashes I was looking for. Thank you for making my second experience wonderful. Oh! She was also super duper nice enough to provide me with a discount for my next trip thank you!!

Had my second visit with Vivian. She did a great job last time and this time. She's very gentle and takes her time but gets done in a decent amount of time. The salon is clean and quiet which I love. I was so relaxed I fell asleep and was woken up by my own snoring. Lol. I never am relaxed enough to fall asleep. But I did today.

Only one thing...I was accidentally charged too much. But the salon contacted me today and no problem and offered to refund me. Which I really appreciated.

After writing this review Katie, the owner reached out to me and apologized for James work. She offered to do a full set on me for free. I had no problem with Katie's work so I said yes. She was very prompt at making appointment .

When I arrived the wait was very little. Katie was very welcoming and apologetic for James work. She thanked me for giving her another chance and did a very good job with my lashes. My lashes were very damaged from the last time so she told me she will keep them light for now so the lashes can heal and grow. I tired to tip her but she refused to take it and asked me to come back for my refills. It was great customer service. It shows she cares for her clients and I appreciate it very much.

One of my problem was with the appointments not being kept by Katie. When I mentioned this she explained she was busy with the new location which is why she wasn't able to keep her appointments which made sense. As long as she keeps her future appointments I will go back to her in the future.

My friend recommended Elegant Lashes when I complimented her lash extensions. She gets them done by Angela, which does a great job!

I decided to get a lash lift because my lashes are already long and just wanted a bit of a lift. Katelyn did a great job with my lift/tint. Katelyn was super sweet, professional, and informative. Really happy with the results and will be going back again soon.

Make sure to take out some cash. You get $10 off for paying with cash.

If I could give 10 stars I would. This is my 1st time getting my eyelash extensions cause i'm afraid that'll turn out to be so bad, but they've exceeded my expectations.

I got the natural lashes and it's really good! It doesn't look fake and it feels comfortable that sometimes I forgot that I have eyelash extensions lol. Also, Katie was very accommodating and Nancy was the one who did my lashes. She's really great as well!

I recommended this place to my sister in law which they gave her a discount (Thank you guys) and also for my friend cause they've seen my photos and they really like it. I'll definitely come back to this place to get refills even if it's far from where I live. And you guys, no one can beat their price! The place is really beautiful and clean as well! Thank you so much, Elegant Lashes!