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Nancy does an amazing job on lashes. She is so talented. I have never walked out of the salon disappointed. If you are a new customer and are not sure who to book an appointment with go to Nancy. You will be very happy you did.

Nancy did my lashes today and I absolutely love them! Sunny usually does my lashes but she was not available so Nancy did them instead. I was a little worried I wouldn't get what I want but she did such an amazing job! I'm absolutely in love with this lash salon and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their lashes done!

Elegant Lashes by Katie is the best!! I have been here 4 times. I have had both Sunny and Lida. These girls are both eyelash ARTISTS!!

They have 2 little suites inside Phoenix Salon. If you're not familiar, it's a big building with lots of little rooms for lease so a small businesses have their own little space. It's you on a little bed getting your lashes done, next to someone else. The suites are clean, smell good and there is music playing. Your eyes are closed the whole time so who cares!! They run a tight ship, my appointments were always on time or I only had to wait a couple of minutes.

Their prices are VERY reasonable. I have paid a lot more for lashes that we're not as good and didn't last as long.

Thank you Sunny and Lida for my amazing lashes!!

I've been doing my lashes here for about 5 months now. I've had them done by a few different lash technicians and everyone is great! (Sunny, Julie 10/10 rating as well!!) Kim did my lashes in the past, and I just got them done again with her today. She's amazing!! Very sweet, so welcoming. You can tell that Kim genuinely cares about her clients happiness with the outcome of our lashes. I will definitely be continuing to come here and ask for Kim. She's such a sweetheart! Also, the new location is beautiful & I love that prices have remained the same and very affordable. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!

I had an amazing experience with this eyelash beauty shop! My girlfriend and I were headed out of town to get away from everything and just spend some quality time with one another. But before we went, I wanted to pamper my girl because she does so much for me. So amongst the things I had scheduled the day before we left, was an eye lash appointment for her. I don't know what happened at the shop but my girlfriend couldn't stop talking about Elegant Lashes by Katie?! Said everyone was so pleasant and professional. And that she truly loved the eyelashes they gave her! Strongly suggest it for women, and for guys who want to do something to get on their girlfriend's good side!

My first time getting lashes and everyone here was so kind and helpful they recommended me a set that would match with my daily routine and provided home care and a brush. The girl that was helping me so so kind and made sure I was comfortable and knew what was happening the entire time I was there

I have a soft spot for the ladies here. They're so sweet and very attentive. They've always done a good job of asking me what I wanted in terms of style and length.

I had my lashes done by Kim last time and loved her work!

I would HIGHLY recommend this place! I went to elegant lashes when they were still at their phenix salon location and they had two small rooms. Now they've relocated to a location in Tustin and it is absolutely gorgeous there. I was told they had just moved in around a week ago. The place is extremely professional, clean, and of course, elegant. I went to their new location for the first time last Monday and I loved their customer service and their readiness to help me out with my questions and concerns. I told my technician that I wanted super natural lashes and she gave me the natural volume set. It turned out a little thicker than I'd like so she removed some lashes by request and charged me only for the super natural set, even though she had taken the time to apply the natural volume set! Love that!! Btw, there was a **cash discount** of $10 when I went.

I came back today (5 days later) for a one week fill because my lashes had pretty much all fallen out (which is honestly not totally unusual for me regardless of who does my lashes). I was greeted by extremely friendly technicians. They made me feel welcome and talked to me about exactly what I wanted for my lashes. I was paired with a different technician today and I highly recommend my technician, Kim, because she thoroughly answered all my questions about my lashes and explained why my lashes had fallen out so quickly from the last appointment. She fixed my lashes free of charge since it had only been 5 days since my last appointment, and gave me recommendations on how to achieve my ideal lash look. If you're looking for a trustworthy and professional lash place, this is it!!

I've been coming here for almost a year straight now, and I love it! I wouldn't recommend anywhere else. All the technicians are professional and detailed. Shout out to Julia and Sunny especially!   if you're looking for a lash place, this is it, honestly. I have gotten so many compliments on my lashes... I wish I could say "I grew them myself"  LOL but they do such an amazing job with the natural lash fills that people aren't sure if they are real or fake. Every single time I come they do an amazing job, lashes last for about a month, and the fit is very natural. Love

I was there yesterday with my mom and Julie and Kim did our lashes and we LOVED it. Very relaxing and professional. They really take their time to make sure that you get exactly what you want and suggest shapes and lengths for your specific eye shape. Will be definitely going back every two weeks :)