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With an incredible background in the lash industry, Angela will meet your expectation when striving to achieve the look that you desire from simple natural looks to a glamorous style. She is meticulous in her skill and is extremely gentle during the procedure as her client's comfort is her number one priority. She takes her time making sure that her work is perfect and to high standards.

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From natural to mega volume, Annie will give you that wow-factor you are searching for. Her work is effortless and flawless. She is our newest member yet she has shown herself to be a high quality lash technician. We have yet to hear a complaint about her work and we are driven to take a photo after every one of her clients is finished because the work is so beautiful.

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All of our technicians are trained to be the very best in the art of lashing. Let us pick the most suitable stylist for you. We only hire the best in the lash industry and that is why we can boast proudly about every single one of our lash technicians. Katie herself approves each lash artist not only by skill but also by heart. All of our technicians are sweet and caring, they only want to see you leave happy with the results!

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Hannah has been an essential part of our team since Elegant Lashes by Katie first opened. With a true commitment to making sure all her clients walk out happy with full and voluminous lashes, her skill-set and experience keep her at the top.

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If you enjoy a lash artist who takes their time and only cares about your satisfaction then Julie is right for you. She receives excellent feedback from her clients after every appointment! She amazes me with her skill and I am in awe. Definitely a main recommendation.

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With over ten years of experience in the lash industry, Katie is your to-go tech for all of your lash needs. She has been all over the world, experimenting with different kinds of lash techniques and styles with one of the best lash companies. Providing revolutionary work, Katie's number one priority is your satisfaction in feeling comfortable and beautiful.

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 Kim enjoys doing wipes and glamorous style look. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever have the chance to meet and cares tremendously about your satisfaction.

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With a ceaseless passion for making her clients happy, Nancy is the perfect technician for your natural volume and mega volume look. Her precise technique in creating the ideal lash shape for you and your eyes is a must for everyone to try!

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Vivian is a once in a decade type of lash artist. She is young but do not let appearances fool you! She has shown her skills to equivalent to our veteran lash technicians. Very loving and always smiling, she will take care of your lashes as if they were her own. We enjoy her work and we know you will too.

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Wendy specializes in natural and mid-volume looks. She has a steady hand and is always completely focused during the entire application process. Her style is very similar to that of Katie herself which is why Katie brought her on board. She has made herself part of the team and you will "love her work!" Come give her a try!

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